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EPIC Academy, is our pre-16 academy of services that supports schools, parents and local authorities to unlock young peoples' potential. EPIC comprises of 5 key strands that support across curricular, extracurricular and alternative education provision.

Is a comprehensive delivery and mentoring programme of PE and School Sport within primary schools.
Are our holiday camps for children aged 4-12 years that offers provision in Arts and Craft, Sports Activities, Adventure, Cooking, Science, Performing Arts and Team Building.
Is our outdoor residentials which are positioned across the country for your school to access.
Is a pre 16 education programme for participants aged 10-16 years of age.
Is a health and wellbeing programme that is aimed at children aged 4-16, and covers all areas of mental, social and physical wellbeing.

EPIC’s Ethos

The ethos of the academy is to learn through play and to give young people the tools they need to succeed in today’s world. We work on all aspects of child development helping to shape the whole child.
Here's to an EPIC future