It’s much more than school.

Our imprint phase as children fundamentally sets the course for the rest of our lives, it’s the postcode that’s typed into our mental sat-nav that determines our future destinations.

We all remember our experiences from school, the good and the bad. We all remember our favourite teachers and those that made the biggest impact on us. These experiences stay with us for a lifetime.

We know that without great people, there wouldn’t be any great schools and with you being fundamental at the heart of your community the impact you make is profound.

With this partnership, your school has the potential to not only impact the lives of your staff but the children they teach and the wider community they come into contact with.

How it Works.


Identify what training you are interested in.


Contact an STN advisor to discuss your options. You can do this by completing the online expression of interest form or give us a call.


Recruitment or enrollment, this will depend on whether you are training a new or current member of your team. If this is a position that needs filling our recruitment team will take it from here for you and begin the free recruitment process. If they are a current member of staff our team will arrange for them to be enrolled on their training.


Learning begins and your member of staff will be assigned their dedicated STN tutor.


Please fill out the contact form, or for more information please click here to visit our website.

Training Available.

This is a list of the training opportunities available for your school.

We look forward to discussing this with you in further detail.

Many thanks,
The School Training Network

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