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Claim £4000 for your school today by taking on a new apprentice.

Available for a limited time only.

Need extra support for your school? As part of the ‘Plan for Jobs’ Covid-19 recovery strategy, schools can claim up to £4000 for hiring a new apprentice before the September 2021 deadline. The new incentive scheme ensures employment for those looking to learn new skills and allows your school to grow and develop the school workforce in a cost-effective way.



16-18 Apprentice


18+ Apprentice



Apprentice's Salary and Training Cost £6,958

Employer Incentive £4,000

Actual cost to your business £2,958

*This is an example based on a 16-18 apprentice doing 30hrs a week, with a training cost of £250.

There is no better time to add Apprentices to your workforce and breathe new life into your school.

Announcing the incentives during his summer statement, Sunak told the House of Commons: “We know Apprenticeships work. 91% stay in work or go on to further training. For the next six months we are going to pay employers to create new apprenticeships”.

What to do next: If you are interested and would like to know more about the different types of Apprenticeship your school could benefit from, please get in touch to speak to one of our team.

Hiring an Apprentice: We can work with you to source a suitable applicant for your school or you can up-skill your existing employees.

Recruitment: With our talent matching recruitment service, Talent Bank, we will advertise your vacancy, screen applicants and pre-interview potential prospects in order to ensure you only interview the most appropriate candidates for your vacancy – all free of charge.