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Senior Mental Health Lead Training

Cost: DFE Funded
Duration: 6-8 Weeks
Approach: Blended Learning

Course Overview

Everyone has mental health, whether good or bad. This fundamentally alters throughout our lives as and when life’s inevitable circumstances happen to us. Many of these things cannot be helped and are completely out of our control; all we can do is set our sail accordingly to the way the wind is blowing. 

To succeed in life, it’s paramount that we all have the tools to be the architects of our own futures. If you are passionate about unlocking people’s true potential and supporting them to be all they can be in life, to thrive, and not just survive, this course could be just for you. It will equip you with the tools to overcome the difficulties faced with culture change and implementation. Supporting a new compelling future for all stakeholder groups. 

With mental well-being being the most significant non-academic barrier to success in education, this wider strategy will create a shared vision for mental wellbeing across your organisation,  supporting whole school/college improvementA golden thread that is meaningful and sustainable and that has a profound impact on so many lives. 

The ripple effects will go on to support communities, and generations for years to come.  

What the course covers

The proposed course will support senior mental health leads to initiate a whole school/college approach to mental health by fully equipping and supporting them to analyse, plan, implement and monitor and where needed adapt a robust mental wellbeing approach across their specific setting.

Key objectives covered:

1. Leadership and management.
2. Identifying needs and monitoring the impact of interventions.
3. Targeted support and appropriate referrals.
4. Staff development.

5. Creating an ethos and environment.
6. Enabling the Student Voice.
7. Working with parents, families and carers.
8. Curriculum, teaching and learning.

Who is this course for

The course is for anyone who has the responsibility or desire for developing mental health and wellbeing within their setting, adopting a whole school/college approach.

The course is suitable for: Headteachers, deputy headteachers, members of the senior leadership team (SLT), appropriate members of staff from setting, existing mental health leads or someone who has previously had mental health training.

Delivery mode

The course will take place on an interactive learning platform that not only allows for individual study but also interaction and collaboration with peers and tutors. Allowing participants to network both during and post-training.

This will create a community of learning and the sharing of best practices. Supporting you beyond the training to network and collaborate with others to consistently build on the implementation of mental wellbeing across your organisations.

Learning and Support

Participants will receive a myriad of support bespoke to their needs. Initially, all participants will develop an individual learning plan with their dedicated tutor on what they wish to achieve. This will be monitored and adapted throughout ensuring needs are being met.

Additional learning needs will be assessed prior to learning through our assessment tool. If required, our learning support team will produce a bespoke support plan to remove any barriers to learning. Furthermore, each participant has access to our pastoral care team. A dedicated learner support service, which is available around the clock to support all of life’s challenges.

On completion

An alumni for all mental health leads will be established post-training for all leads to be part of. This network will allow for sharing of good practice, resources and further peer to peer support beyond the training.

The Mental Health Leads Community forum will also share the latest research and resources from the industry to further support the alumni to continue to make sustained change and add value within their organisation beyond the completion of training.